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FORTNITE (PEGI 12) has been re­moved from both Ap­ple’s App Store and the Google Play Store over a pay­ment dis­pute. In re­turn, Epic Games (which makes Fortnite) is tak­ing the two tech gi­ants to court.

When you spend money on a game that’s on the App Store or the Play Store, 30% of the money you spend goes to Ap­ple or Google, with the rest go­ing to the app’s de­vel­op­ers and pub­lish­ers. Other apps that aren’t games, such as the Ama­zon and Uber apps, don’t have 30% of the pur­chase price taken by Ap­ple or Google.

Epic Games says this isn’t fair, and that 30% is an “ex­or­bi­tant” (ex­ces­sive) charge, so the com­pany cre­ated an in-game op­tion that al­lows play­ers to pur­chase V-Bucks (the in-game cur­rency) from Epic di­rectly, for less money than usual. For ex­am­ple, a pur­chase of 1,000 V-Bucks will now cost £7.99 in­stead of £9.99.

Ap­ple re­sponded by boot­ing Fortnite from its store, quickly fol­lowed by Google. There are other An­droid app stores where Fortnite is still avail­able to down­load, but for a bil­lion Ap­ple de­vices, there’s no way to play the smash-hit game.

Within hours of its re­moval from the App Store, Fortnite fired back with a silly video, mak­ing fun of an old ad­vert cre­ated by Ap­ple to ad­ver­tise its Mac­in­tosh com­put­ers back in 1984. The video ended with a call to fans, ask­ing them to help #FreeFort­nite.

Epic Games also an­nounced that it would be tak­ing both Ap­ple and Google to court over their de­ci­sions.

While it’s un­for­tu­nate for those play­ing Fortnite on mo­biles, it’s worked out well for those on PCs and con­soles, as the price of V-Bucks has dropped by 20% for all play­ers.

Whose side are you on? Do you think Ap­ple should be al­lowed to de­cide how much it costs to use the App Store, or is Epic Games right to make a fuss?

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