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MY brother Sam and I have a jam shop out­side our front gate ev­ery year.

Nor­mally we do it for pocket money, but this year we de­cided to use it to raise money for the food bank, to help peo­ple who might be strug­gling be­cause of the lock­down. We went straw­berry pick­ing and rasp­berry pick­ing, picked plums off the tree in our gar­den, and we also picked lots of dan­de­lions from around our vil­lage to make dan­de­lion honey.

We chopped and mashed the fruit and took the petals off the dan­de­lions. Then we boiled them up with a LOT of sugar to make jam. We put it in jars with spe­cial la­bels.

Lots of peo­ple bought our Lock­down Jam. We have done two shops for the food bank al­ready. We took them to our drop-off point in a wheel­bar­row!

We are mak­ing bram­ble jelly this week, and we have a few or­ders coming in, so we should be able to do an­other shop soon.

Kather­ine and Sam with their food bank shop

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