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17. ENTERTAINM­ENT Issue 740 21 – 27 August 2020 FirstNews THE WEEK OF Getty Hobbledown Hobbledown Getty Hobbledown What makes this version of so special? Pinocchio I think it is so special because in this version we had the fortune of having a live-action Pinocchio, while in the past versions there wasn’t the opportunit­y to use prosthetic make-up. Also the cast had a huge impact on the movie, since every single actor fits their role perfectly. FIVE MINUTES WITH… Were you familiar with the story of before you took the role? Pinocchio make-up. It wasn’t that easy or comfortabl­e and it was really hard because the weather conditions influenced the prosthetic­s’ temperatur­e. It’s worthwhile because it doesn’t happen every day, to get to work with a director such as Matteo Garrone and actors like that. Yes, because I read, more than once, Carlo Collodi’s original novel. I had watched the Italian TV series as well as Roberto Benigni’s version, since it is a universal story for every age. I mainly based myself on the directions of [director] Matteo Garrone and on my emotions because I believe that every one of us has a part of Pinocchio inside. Which was your favourite scene to film? My favourite scene was when Pinocchio meets his dad, Geppetto, in the whale’s mouth because I felt some real emotions, like if I had met my dad again after a long period of time. What was the hardest thing about playing such a well-known character? What was it like seeing the finished film? The hardest thing for me was to act with the prosthetic make-up, because some of the facial movements weren’t possible. I had to transmit all of my emotions through my eyes. It was like living again all of the emotive scenes, which made me remember every single shooting day. It was amazing! FEDERICO IELAPI What advice would you give to other kids who would like to be actors? What was it like being transforme­d using prosthetic­s? I would only like to tell everyone that they need to have fun and enjoy themselves in any role they play. Being transforme­d into Pinocchio was amazing. Every morning, I had to undergo four and a half hours of A MAGICAL new version of has hit the cinemas, so we chatted to the young star who plays the puppet who becomes a boy. Pinocchio Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone is in cinemas now

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