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YouTu­ber Adam B joins the Blue Peter gang this week as their brand-new pre­sen­ter! He told us about nab­bing his dream job… a team of four now.

How ex­cited are you to be Blue Peter’s 40th pre­sen­ter?

It’s so crazy to hear those words! I’ve only told my mum and dad, so hear­ing you say those words is still pretty alien to me! I’m very pumped and gassed to be join­ing the team though.

Have you al­ways been a fan of the show? And what are your mem­o­ries of watch­ing it?

It’s crazy – this show that I watched grow­ing up is a show I’m go­ing to be in­volved in! There were four pre­sen­ters when I was watch­ing it too, so it’s crazy to be part of

How dif­fer­ent is it to your YouTube chan­nel?

YouTube is a lot of work. I’m the tal­ent, the ed­i­tor, the di­rec­tor, the de­signer – and I up­load it at the end. I’m like a one-man pro­duc­tion team. With Blue Peter, you’ve got this whole team around you, so you feel a lot more taken care of and re­as­sured. Other peo­ple know what’s go­ing on and can plan ahead, so it’s great to turn up, do my thing and leave again!

How did your mum and dad re­act when they heard you’d got the job?

The same as me; they were in shock! When I fin­ished the screen test, I thought I hadn’t done bril­liantly, since I kept look­ing into the wrong cam­era… so I wasn’t ex­pect­ing it at all. It was a huge, good sur­prise!

Blue Peter

Your first chal­lenge saw you spend­ing a day with the Bux­ton Moun­tain Res­cue Team – what was that like?

I’m not a fan of heights, so it was def­i­nitely a chal­lenge for me! From the top of the moun­tain to the bot­tom is quite a long way down. It was a good chal­lenge though. I got to face my fear of heights, and learn a lot about what the res­cue team does in there day-to-day.

Blue Peter

is known for be­ing a show where you can learn some arts and crafts skills – how are you at that kind of thing?

I wouldn’t call my­self Leonardo da Vinci, but I like to get stuck in with arts and crafts! I’ve done a lot of DIY stuff for my YouTube chan­nel, and worked with my dad on mak­ing props be­fore.

Blue Peter is live on CBBC ev­ery Thurs­day at 5:30pm and is avail­able on BBC iPlayer.

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