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Long ago, a war be­tween spell­cast­ers and evil crea­tures took place. For years, many of these evil crea­tures have been locked away… un­til shapeshift­er Typhon helped his fa­ther, the Lord of the Beasts, to find the door to an an­cient maze that could re­turn these mon­sters to the world. The task of stop­ping these evil be­ings has fallen on young spell­caster Fe­roc­ity and her smoke-pro­duc­ing pet bog­gart, Gug­galugs, who, af­ter sur­viv­ing a sur­prise at­tack from the shapeshift­er, have tracked down the Lord of the Beasts with their spell­cast­ing al­lies: the mys­te­ri­ous Trick, his sis­ter Aida and his mum Ariella. The three had been fooled into be­liev­ing that the shapeshift­er was ac­tu­ally Trick’s grand­fa­ther, and very nearly lost their lives to him. Now they face Typhon, the Lord of the Beasts and an army of his sub­jects in a race to the centre of the strange, mag­i­cal maze.

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