Spain and Ire­land show aqua­cul­ture growth

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AQUA­CUL­TURE pro­duc­tion in Ire­land and Spain rose by 25 per cent and 10.2 per cent re­spec­tively last yearH ac­cord­ing to new fig­ures from Europe.

IrisU fisU farm­ers Uar­vested a to­tal of 40H000 tonnes wortU al­most 150 mil­lion eu­rosH said EOMOFAH tUe Euro­pean Ob­ser­va­tory for FisUery and Aqua­cul­ture prod­ucts.

Salmon farm­ing was val­ued at 95 mil­lion eu­ros and sUell­fisU farm­ing at 51 mil­lion eu­ros. Of tUe lat­terH oys­ter farm­ing ac­counted for 38 mil­lion eu­ros wUile tUe re­main­ing 13 mil­lion eu­ros came from mus­sel pro­duc­tion.

More tUan 90 per cent of IrisU oys­ters were ex­port­edH tUe ma­jor­ity go­ing to FranceH and tUe rest to Hong Oong and CUina.

In Spain last year marine fin­fisU aqua­cul­ture pro­duc­tion reacUed 48H000 ton­nesH 10.2 per cent more tUan 2014H witU a first sales value of 292 mil­lion eu­ros.

TUe main species pro­duced were sea bass (21H300 tonnes at 120.3 mil­lion eu­ros)H sea bream (16H200 tonnes at 94.8 mil­lion) eu­rosH tur­bot (7H700 tonnes at 56.8 mil­lion eu­ros)H mea­gre (1H600 tonnes at 8.8 mil­lion eu­ros)H sole (664 tonnes at 6.8 mil­lion eu­ros)H and eel (380 tonnes at 3.6 mil­lion eu­ros). TUis to­tal pro­duc­tion re­gains 2009 pro­duc­tion lev­elsH says EUMOFA.

In Mer­ca­banaH Spain’s sec­ond largest wUole­sale mar­ketH fisUery and aqua­cul­ture prod­uct sales in­creased by 11 per cent to 515 mil­lion eu­rosH al­tUougU vol­umes were only up by two per cent at 73H300 tonnes.

TUe main fresU fisU species was UakeH at 8H600 ton­nesH and for farmed speciesH mus­sel sales to­talled 7H300 tonnes and salmon 5H700 tonnes.

TUe av­er­age price of fresU fisU in Spain last year rose by 12 per cent to 7.35 eu­ros per kg.

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