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WE HAVE FREE will. You de­cide who to talk to, what to say and where to buy lunch. It’s ob­vi­ous, right? Yet cer­tain stud­ies sug­gest our brains make some de­ci­sions be­fore we’re even aware we’ve made them. So are we re­ally in con­trol? Turn to p32 to find out.

It’s hard to make a de­ci­sion if you think you’re be­ing mis­led. But if you want to get some­one to tell you the truth, what’s the best way to go about it? On p53, Jo Car­lowe asks a for­mer CIA op­er­a­tive for some prac­ti­cal tips to use in ev­ery­day life. The CIA must surely be grate­ful for the in­ven­tion of Kevlar. The fi­bre, best known for its abil­ity to stop bul­lets, was de­vel­oped 50 years ago by Stephanie Kwolek at DuPont. Turn to p42 for the science of body ar­mour and the new tech­nolo­gies that could save lives in fu­ture.

Noth­ing would save you from cer­tain death if you were ever sucked into a black hole. But I’ve of­ten won­dered why sci­en­tists are so sure they ex­ist when we can’t see them. Top science writer Brian Clegg rounds up the ev­i­dence on p86 and re­veals the mys­tery that hasn’t en­tirely gone away.

And there’s much else be­sides, in­clud­ing a look at what’s be­neath your feet – as fea­tured in an up­com­ing BBC pro­gramme. En­joy the is­sue!

Gra­ham Southorn, Edi­tor

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