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I en­joyed your ar­ti­cle ‘Na­ture’s hid­den beauty’ (Septem­ber, p56) about Robert Hooke’s work, but you missed out by not men­tion­ing an im­por­tant new pho­to­graphic tech­nique that really does show the hid­den beauty of na­ture. Elec­tron mi­cro­graphs, though minutely de­tailed, suf­fer from two fail­ings: they can­not de­pict liv­ing sub­jects and they are in­vari­ably mono­chrome – ex­cept those that are ar­ti­fi­cially coloured af­ter­wards. The tech­nique I am re­fer­ring to here is com­puter stack­ing of se­quen­tial pho­tos. This tech­nique can be used on liv­ing sub­jects (though they have to be sta­tion­ary) in nat­u­ral poses and shows the sub­ject in its true colours. I would like to draw your at­ten­tion to the work of John Hallmén ( john­hall­ His im­ages are both in­cred­i­bly de­tailed and stag­ger­ingly beau­ti­ful.

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