Do oes eat­ing lo­cally pro­duced ho oney help al­le­vi­ate hayfever?

Focus-Science and Technology - - Q & A - RICHARDR O’NEILL, LV

NO.N THE MYTH is that lo­cal polle en in honey can de­sen­si­tise the al­ler­gica re­ac­tion, but there’s no ev­ide ence to sup­port it. A 2002 study at the e Univer­sity of Con­necti­cut comp pared lo­cally-pro­duced, un­fil­tered hone ey, with na­tion­ally-pro­duced, fil­ter red honey and honey-flavoured corn syrup. In dou­ble-blind tri­als, there e was no difffff­fer­ence be­tween the three e in re­duc­ing hay fever symp­toms. The pol­lenp in honey is nearly all the heavy y, flower pollen that doesn’t cause e hay fever. The pollen that sets your nose run­ning is much lighter and come es from grasses and trees that bees don’t t visit.

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