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Brown-Séquard wass a dis­tin­guished sci­en­tist st from Mau­ri­tius who made many great con­tri­bu­tions to medicine and our un­der­stand­ing of the ner­vous sys­tem. How­ever, he de­railed hor­mone science by in­ject­ing him­self with the juice of an­i­mals’ tes­ti­cles and making wild claims about how it made him feel. BertholdBe was a Ger­man

phys­i­ol­o­gist and zo­ol­o­gist. He stud­ied the or­gans and sex­ual

char­ac­ter­is­tics of var­i­ousva an­i­mals, but it is his work on cas­trated

cock­erels that is re­mem­bere­dre as the first ex­per­i­ment in the field

of en­docrinol­ogy.

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