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Billed as “an off switch for men­strual pain”, Livia con­sists of the Livia de­vice it­self and two elec­trodes that you fix to your lower ab­domen with gel stick­ers. Livia then di­rects a small elec­tro­mag­netic cur­rent to the elec­trodes and sends pulses through the nerves, which its mak­ers claim will block the sig­nals that cause pain, with­out the use of drugs. There’s cer­tainly a de­mand for it: Livia ex­ceeded its Indiegogo fund­ing tar­get nearly 14 times over. It’s CE ap­proved and cur­rently await­ing FDA ap­proval in the US. $149 (£120 ap­prox),

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