What if Earth had two moons?

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The con­se­quences of a sec­ond moon or­bit­ing the Earth de­pend on how mas­sive that moon is and how far from the Earth it or­bits. The most ob­vi­ous ef­fect would be that the ocean tides would be al­tered. Tides could be ei­ther smaller or higher and there could be more than two high tides per day. If the grav­i­ta­tional in­flu­ence of a sec­ond moon were ex­treme, it could lead to phe­nom­e­nally huge ocean tides (up to a kilo­me­tre high) which would also re­sult in fre­quent tsunamis. It could also lead to en­hanced vol­canic ac­tiv­ity and earth­quakes.

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