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The BBC Fo­cus team is ob­sessed with food, and like many of­fices, biscuits oc­cupy a spe­cial place in our hearts and on our desks. There is no unan­i­mous favourite though. In fact, ask the team what their favourite bis­cuit is and you’ll see a mild-man­nered bunch be­come a shouty and sweary group of louts in about five min­utes flat. The one thing we do agree on though, is that we eat too much meat. Whether it’s the ethics or the ecol­ogy, we all think we should lay off the ba­con. So what diet re­ally is best for the planet? If we be­came bet­ter peo­ple to­mor­row, and packed in the meateat­ing to be­come ve­gan or veg­e­tar­ian, would planet Earth be bet­ter off? Josh Gab­batiss dives in to the science on p42.

On a cheerier note, sum­mer is here. If you’re head­ing over­seas for your hol­i­day, then you might want to check out He­len Cz­er­ski’s col­umn on p77 – it’s all about tur­bu­lence. Ev­ery time it strikes, I grab the arms of my seat and my palms sweat, a lot. But knowl­edge is power, they say, and I’m hop­ing that my new­found un­der­stand­ing of this phe­nom­ena will make my next flight a lit­tle less sweaty.

Fi­nally, this is­sue of­fers up the fi­nal in­stal­ment of our four-part guide to the Uni­verse, writ­ten by Brian Cox and Jeff For­shaw (p68). Of course I’m bi­ased, but it’s been one of the most suc­cinct and elo­quent guides to physics I’ve ever read. If you’ve missed out on any part of the se­ries, you can or­der back is­sues by vis­it­ing buy­sub­scrip­tions.com/

fo­cus­backissues, or by phon­ing 01795 414 699.

En­joy the is­sue!

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