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I’ve al­ways watched lines, let­ters and words jig­gle and dance on the page as I’ve read, an in­con­ve­nience which slows me down. So I loved the pat­tern glare test in­cluded with your ar­ti­cle on out of body ex­pe­ri­ences (Septem­ber, p70).

I could see light­ning bolts in the pat­tern, pinks, blues and yel­lows swirled around, the shape started to look 3D and the lines merged into grey or changed thick­ness as I tried to fo­cus on the cen­tral dot. I’d al­ways seen this as a trait of my dys­lexia, but the idea that it could be due to cor­ti­cal hy­per- ex­citabil­ity seems much more glam­orous! Is there a link be­tween dys­lexia and cor­ti­cal hy­per- ex­citabil­ity and/or OBEs? Amy Rouse, Derby There is thought to be a link be­tween the two, but the ex­act na­ture of the re­la­tion­ship isn’t clear. – Ed

The true na­ture of OCD is un­der­stood by very few peo­ple

Do you see colours and mo­tion, or just reg­u­lar black and white lines?

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