Where is the cen­tre of the Uni­verse?

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As the Uni­verse may not have a phys­i­cal edge, there is no sense in the idea of an ‘ab­so­lute’ po­si­tion. Hence, it is mean­ing­less to think of the ‘cen­tre’ of the Uni­verse; some­thing of in­fi­nite ex­tent has no ‘cen­tre’. Imag­in­ing the ‘cen­tre’ as the point at which it be­gan is also mean­ing­less. The Big Bang hap­pened ev­ery­where at once and the Uni­verse has been ex­pand­ing ever since. Ev­ery point can be re­garded as be­ing at the ‘cen­tre’ of this ex­pan­sion. So, the cen­tre of the Uni­verse is nowhere, and ev­ery­where!

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