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A rod-shaped called bac­terium De­sul­forudis au­daxvi­a­tor thrives 2.8km (1.7 miles) down a South African gold mine without light, oxy­gen or car­bon, ob­tain­ing its en­ergy from ra­dioac­tive ura­nium. Sci­en­tists now spec­u­late that life else­where in the Uni­verse might also feed off ra­di­a­tion, es­pe­cially ra­di­a­tion rain­ing down from space, without the need for pho­to­syn­the­sis. sci­, 7 Oct 2016.


Pol­ish po­lice de­tained seven men and four women, aged 20 to 27, af­ter they killed a sheep, un­dressed and chained them­selves to­gether be­neath the main gate of Auschwitz-Birke­nau death camp, which bears the slo­gan “Ar­beit Macht Frei” (“Work sets you free”). They used a drone to film the dis­tur­bance, and draped a white ban­ner with the red text “love” over the gate. The mo­tive was un­known. [AFP] BBC News, 24 Mar 2017.


On 4 March, some­one left a soil-filled plas­tic bag con­tain­ing at least 50 frogs in a car park out­side a branch of Aldi in Finch­ley, north Lon­don. They es­caped through a hole in the bag and were hop­ping around when an RSPCA in­spec­tor ar­rived at 9.30pm and saved 48 frogs, which were re­leased back into the wild. Two oth­ers had been run over. BBC News, 9 Mar 2017.

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