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Uniden­ti­fied Fly­ing Ob­jects -- An Over­view of Close En­coun­ters and Low Fly­bys As a gen­eral rule, most se­ri­ous forteans (in­clud­ing cryp­to­zo­ol­o­gists and ufol­o­gists) col­lect data and re­ports on the top­ics that in­ter­est them; and most forteana-re­lated groups or or­gan­i­sa­tions act, mainly, as ar­chiv­ists and pro­mot­ers of their sub­jects. Only rarely is there an in­di­vid­ual or a net­work of in­di­vid­u­als avail­able to sift and sort the data, steer­ing it to­wards a proper anal­y­sis and study. This lack, as per­ceived by An­thoni Tam­bini to ap­ply par­tic­u­larly to ufol­ogy, An­thoni J Tam­bini Bran­den Books 2016 Pb, 271pp, il­lus, refs, ind, $19.00, ISBN 97810828326186 is what has mo­ti­vated him to re-ex­am­ine the archives the lead­ing ufo­log­i­cal outfits and the sub­ject’s ex­ten­sive lit­er­a­ture.

Rest­ing upon his tech­ni­cal ex­per­tise – gained over 40 years in the US aero­space in­dus­try – he presents here an anal­y­sis of re­ports and pho­to­graphs that seem to in­clude use­ful de­scrip­tions of phys­i­cal craft and oc­cu­pants.

At this point, 70 years af­ter the ad­vent of mod­ern UFOs, a fresh over­view of the sub­ject is novel, but will prob­a­bly be of in­ter­est only to those who still hold out for what we used to call ‘nuts-and-bolts’ ufos.

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