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FT’s res­i­dent man of the cloth REV­EREND PETER LAWS dons his dog col­lar and faces the flicks that Church for­got! (www.the­flick­sthatchurch­for­

It’s about a blind man de­fend­ing a re­tire­ment home from a were­wolf

Stream­ing hor­ror

Last month I took a gan­der at the hor­ror stream­ing ser­vice Shud­der and was suit­ably im­pressed, but how do the more main­stream plat­forms fare, scary-movie wise?

First up there’s Net­flix, which at first glance seems a bit flaky. Fire up their app and you’ll see a slew of for­get­table re­cent horrors like

Blair Witch or the clum­sily

ti­tled Ouija Ex­per­i­ment 2: The Ouija Res­ur­rec­tion. The trick is to skip Net­flix’s whacky film group­ings (‘Hor­ror With a Strong Fe­male Lead’, ‘Ex­cit­ing Films’ etc), and go straight to the Browse Cat­e­gories sec­tion. It’s of­ten here that you’ll spot the real gems, like Aus­tralian ‘grief-per­son­i­fied’ hor­ror

The Babadook or the funny yet grip­ping House­bound from New Zealand. The Kurt Rus­sell western, Bone

To­mo­hawk – in which a small town called Bright Hope is in­vaded by a ma­raud­ing tribe of trogladytes – is an­other must-watch. What sounds like a trashy B-Movie turns out to be one of the classi­est and most trau­ma­tis­ing hor­ror films I’ve seen in a while, with a beau­ti­ful script. An­other quirky tip is Late Phases (aka Night of the Wolf) about a blind man de­fend­ing a re­tire­ment com­plex from a were­wolf.

Drill fur­ther down and you’ll get some lovely retro treats too, like The Skull, The Keep, Re­turn of the Liv­ing Dead, From Be­yond and even… drum roll please… Troll 2! And you ab­so­lutely must watch Let’s Scare Jes­sica To Death: a thor­oughly haunt­ing 1970s tale about a woman go­ing mad… or is she? The fact that this movie is even on here makes you think there are some de­cent, up­stand­ing peo­ple at Net­flix HQ. Even the orig­i­nal Cana­dian slasher My Bloody Valen­tine turns up, as does the more ob­scure Grab­bers, a giddy mon­ster movie where an Ir­ish is­land’s only de­fence against ten­ta­cled aliens is to get drunk. Oh, and try

Creep too, which is a pretty un­set­tling found footage movie, and the hyp­notic

Phase IV (the Saul Bass ant movie with a killer sound­track and amaz­ing close-up photography).

Ama­zon Prime Video (avail­able to all prime mem­bers) looks a lot cheaper and nas­tier than ei­ther Shud­der or Net­flix. Apart from a few high-pro­file ti­tles, most of their hor­ror se­lec­tion is straight-to-video stuff… but herein lies Ama­zon’s hid­den strength. There’s some won­der­fully ob­scure shlock in their cat­a­logue, from Jaws- on­land rip-off Griz­zly, to Shat­ner epic King­dom of the Spi­ders, to the once banned big­foot hor­ror Night of the De­mon (in which Sasquatch rips off a biker’s pe­nis). You’ll even find vin­tage Chris­tian End-Times horrors too, like Im­age of the

Beast. Prime also has al­most ev­ery sea­son of The Walk­ing

Dead, if you like your hor­ror a bit more main­stream. Al­ter­na­tively, if you crave some hor­ror am­bi­ence for your next wed­ding or Bar Mitz­vah, why not tune in to the bizarre, three-hour at­mo­spheric hor­ror videos on of­fer, like Skull Can­dles or Pump­kins in Trees.

When it comes to hor­ror stream­ing, I still think the se­lec­tion on all plat­forms should be way, way big­ger: Net­flix only has Fri­day the

13th Part 6, for ex­am­ple, when they should clearly make the ef­fort to have them all (in­clud­ing the 80s TV se­ries). Yet, for now, the stream­ing model is at least of­fer­ing hor­ror fans new ways to eas­ily dive into some var­ied con­tent. Let’s just hope they keep some hor­ror geeks on those con­tent se­lec­tion pan­els.

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