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Mi­ami News, 30 May 1974.

5 When I dis­cussed the Stokkseyri haunt­ings with pro­fes­sor Er­len­dur Har­alds­son of the Univer­sity of Ice­land, he pointed out to me that the story was also pub­lished in 1964 by Ice­landic au­thor Arni Ola, in a book en­ti­tled Reim­leikar (Poltergeists). E-mail con­ver­sa­tion with Pro­fes­sor Har­alds­son, July 2017.

6 MF Billing­ton, ‘Some Dorset­shire Ghost Sto­ries’, Cor­nish Tele­graph, 1 Sept 1883. 1 Ghosts, Witch­craft And The Other World, Ice­land Re­view Li­brary, 3rd ed. 1981, pp71-75. Olaffson’s ac­count was pub­lished in 1956 in an Ice­landic folk­lore an­thol­ogy.

2 Ibid., p7. As a pos­si­ble ex­pla­na­tion the ef­fects of marsh gas was sug­gested, see page 91.

3 Philip Paul, ‘The Pigs and the Pol­ter­geist’, Sun­day

Graphic, 27 Dec 1953.

4 Ian Glass, ‘A Cloud of Smoke Grabbed Me… This Is It’, 7 ‘Coun­try Lane ‘Ghosts’. Heard Foot­steps-seen misty fig­ure-sol­diers were scared’, Kent & Sus­sex Courier, 24 Feb 1950. 8 ‘They Had to Move’, Topeka Daily Cap­i­tal, Topeka, KS, 16 Jul 1905.

9 ‘No Idea What Hit Him, Got £819 Da­m­ages’, Bar­rier

Miner, Bro­ken Hill, Aus­tralia, 20 Mar 1950.

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