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1 See Skep­ti­cal En­quirer, vol 38 No1, 2014. Joe Nick­ell ar­gues that some spir­i­tu­al­ist ref­er­ences in the ‘Red Book’ are anachro­nis­tic, as are cer­tain words: “the word de­tec­tive did not orig­i­nate un­til about 1840 and then in Eng­land as an ad­jec­tive”. Fur­ther­more, tex­tual anal­y­sis proves “Bell and In­gram had com­par­a­tive read­ing lev­els” which were “re­spec­tively 14.3 and 14.4”. This is col­lege level – un­likely for a ru­ral farmer like Bell.

2 https://ck­c4me.word­press. com/2012/10/25/the-mys­te­ri­ousspirit-of-adams-ten­nessee/bell­witch-chas­ing-shak­ers/

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4 An­other Amer­i­can pol­ter­geist that in­flicted in­jury was re­ported in 1905 as the ‘De­serted Sur­rency’ case in Ge­or­gia: it also had a slave-own­ing his­tory. http:// trove.nla. news­pa­per/ ar­ti­cle/4942382/924667.

5 Mag­i­cal_Ne­gro

6 Haunted Peo­ple: Story of the Pol­ter­geist down the Cen­turies (1951).

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11 about/port-royal

12 There were sev­eral earth­quakes in the area in 1811-1812 which caused the Mis­sis­sippi to run back­wards and form the Reelfoot Lake and re­port­edly rang Lib­erty Bell all the way over in Philadel­phia.

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