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A) Dis­agree. I’m a stu­dent of foot­ball, and if I work hard and learn from my mis­takes, I can im­prove my abil­ity. B) Kind of. I can im­prove a bit but your nat­u­ral abil­ity is more im­por­tant. C) Agree. I could work on my game 24/7 but my abil­ity isn’t go­ing to im­prove.

Men­tally, you have some strengths that help per­for­mance. How­ever, there are ar­eas you can

tar­get for im­prove­ment. Work on man­ag­ing your match­day mind­set and on-pitch emo­tions. A) To­tally. For me, it’s blood, sweat and tears for the team, ev­ery sin­gle week. B) I’m some­where in the middle: not the lazi­est, but not the hard­est grafter ei­ther. C) They would prob­a­bly say I work hard to be first at the bar af­ter­wards...

“Foot­ball is a game you play with your brain,” said Jo­han Cruyff. Take our quiz to see if your mind is a help or a hin­drance

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