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When­ever Atletico Na­cional Un­der-18 coach Her­nan Dario Her­rera sum­mons one of his play­ers, he doesn’t call out the name, he picks a ran­dom month of the year in­stead.

And that’s be­cause the Colom­bian club’s highly-rated teenage star is Ef­mamj­ja­sond Gon­za­lez. Nope, he’s not named af­ter an Ice­landic vol­cano. It’s ac­tu­ally be­cause his first name fea­tures the open­ing let­ter of each month of the year in Span­ish. We all know how it goes, right? Enero, Fe­brero, Marzo, Abril, Mayo, Ju­nio, Julio, Agosto, Sep­tiem­bre, Oc­tubure, Noviem­bre, Di­ciem­bre.

“Dad wanted to call me ‘Ef­mamj­ja­sond Jhonathan’, but my mum said I wouldn’t ever be able to write such a long name, so they just left it at Ef­mamj­ja­sond,” says Ja­son, as he’s known to his friends – although he has also been dubbed ‘Cal­en­dario’. “When the coach wants to sub­sti­tute me, he’ll just shout out March, April or any month that comes into his head on the bench. I’m al­ready pretty used to it by now!”

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