Stay loose with band rou­tine

Ac­ti­vate your mus­cles be­fore a game by mas­ter­ing this re­sis­tance band rou­tine from Brent­ford’s strength and con­di­tion­ing coach, Tom Per­ry­man

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Leg lower

We’ve seen enough play­ers crip­pled by cho­co­late ham­strings and don’t want you to be next. “This ex­er­cise mim­ics the run­ning and strik­ing mo­tions that you pro­duce over and over in games,” says Per­ry­man. “One hip is flexed and the other is loose. You should also feel a nice ab­dom­i­nal con­trac­tion if you do it slowly.”

Glute band squat

Pre­pare to leap off the ground and dom­i­nate the skies with this glute-burn­ing rou­tine. “Keep your legs wide and re­sist the pres­sure of the band, which tries to pull your knees back in. Go as deep as you pos­si­bly can while main­tain­ing a good form. Avoid bend­ing over too far and arch­ing your back.”

Glute band walks

Don’t run be­fore you can walk with a re­sis­tance band wrapped around your an­kles. You might pull a mus­cle, and we don’t want that. “Side-to-side move­ments will ac­ti­vate your hips and ab­duc­tors. Try mov­ing around in a square to mimic your move­ments out on the pitch.”

Sin­gle leg push-out

To en­sure your whole lower body is switched on and ready for ac­tion, you can’t ne­glect your calves. “Wrap the band around the top part of your foot and push against it. The re­sis­tance tar­gets your calves and pre­pares them to be sta­ble and strong when push­ing against the grass.”

Ro­ma­nian dead­lift

If you’ve got hips stiffer than a rusty car door, you won’t be able to change di­rec­tion. “This is an ex­cel­lent hip-hinge move­ment and will loosen the pos­te­rior chain – the mus­cles on the rear of your lower body. It’s great for im­prov­ing balance and pre­par­ing you for sin­gle-leg moves in a match.”

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