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Do­maines Do­minique Piron, Beau­jo­lais

Mor­gon 69910 Vil­lié-mor­gon Tel: (Fr) 4 74 69 10 20 do­ Wine: Mor­gon ‘Côte du Py’. Taste: Spiced dark cherry aro­mas, with a firm but juicy mouth-feel.

Do­maine Wein­bach, Al­sace

25 Route du Vin 68240 Kay­sers­berg Tel: (Fr) 3 89 47 13 21 do­mainewein­ Wine: Al­sace Gewurz­traminer ‘Al­tenbourg’. Taste: Melon, ap­ple and ly­chee scents; sweet, with de­li­cious min­eral fresh­ness.

Château Fabre Gas­parets, Langue­doc

Tel: (Fr) 4 68 27 10 80 famille­ Wine: Cor­bières Boutenac Rouge ‘Lieu dit La Serre’. Taste: Rich, herb-scented blend of carig­nan, syrah, grenache and mourvè­dre.

Vincent & So­phie Morey, Côte d’or, Bur­gundy

3 Hameau de Mor­geot 21190 Chas­sag­neMon­tra­chet Tel: (Fr) 3 80 20 68 33 Wine: San­te­nay Blanc ‘Les Hâtes’. Taste: Sup­ple, ripe oak-aged chardon­nay from the south­ern tip of the Côte d’or.

Do­maine Huet, Loire Val­ley

11 Rue de la Croix Buisée 37210 Vou­vray Tel: (Fr) 2 47 52 78 87 do­maine­ Wine: Vou­vray Sec ‘Clos du Bourg’. Taste:

With quince and ap­ple flavours, this is an ele­gant, dry chenin blanc.

Do­maine Jac­ques Tis­sot, Jura

39 Rue de Cour­celles 39600 Ar­bois Tel: (Fr) 3 84 66 24 54 do­maine-jac­ques-tis­ Wine: Ar­bois Chardon­nay ‘La Mail­loche’. Taste: Dry, com­plex white with pear aro­mas and a sat­is­fy­ing savoury bite.

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