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The rel­a­tive pro­nouns ‘ qui’ and ‘ que’ are used to con­vey the mean­ing of who, which or that in an English sen­tence.

‘ Qui’ is the sub­ject of the verb, so in ‘ un chien qui aboie’, the dog is car­ry­ing out the ac­tion of bark­ing.

‘ Que’ is used as the ob­ject, so in ‘ la vidéo que j’ai téléchargée’, the video is the ob­ject that the in­ter­net user down­loaded.

In English the rel­a­tive pro­noun is of­ten left out when the sub­jects in the main clause are dif­fer­ent: ‘The book [that] I bought last week’. How­ever, in French the rel­a­tive pro­noun is never omit­ted: ‘ Le gâteau que j’ai fait hier’.

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