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Trips with mamie

Hello, I am a three-year-old boy who speaks French and English thanks to my French ma­man and my English daddy. I am writ­ing to tell you my plans for all things French this year.

First of all, I am in­tend­ing to share my love of my coun­try and its way of life with a spe­cial lady who is my mamie, or grandma, by in­tro­duc­ing her to the French art de vivre at The France Show in Lon­don at the end of Jan­uary. It will be an ex­cit­ing way to taste all things French in only one place! I am so happy she ac­cepted to come with my ma­man to the show... it will be amaz­ing.

Then, af­ter she prac­tised her French in con­ver­sa­tional classes dur­ing the year, I have con­vinced Mamie E. to come with us to a spe­cial place in la Belle France. The town is called Barcelon­nette and lies in the Val­lée de l’ubaye in the French Alps. The place is close to my heart as my ma­man’s fam­ily and emo­tional roots come from there, and to my mamie’s heart as her late hus­band, Pappy F., cy­cled through this hid­den val­ley and pic­turesque town in the 1960s, when no­body had heard about this re­mote cor­ner of France.

It will be emo­tional for her to walk in her loved hus­band’s path. It will also be emo­tional for my other mamie (my French Mamie N.) be­cause they will meet for the first time.

Will it be ‘lost in trans­la­tion’, or ‘ l’en­tente cor­diale’? I am sure it will just be le grand amour! Ma­man (Anne-lise Lazenby) and me, Staunton, Glouces­ter­shire

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