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ÀThe French prepo­si­tion ‘ à’ usu­ally means ‘to’, ‘at’, or ‘in’, but it has many other uses. It can de­scribe dis­tance, as in, ‘ Il habite à 20 min­utes d’ici’ (‘He lives 20 min­utes from here’).

The word also con­veys pur­pose or use, ‘ Un verre à vin’ (‘A wine glass’), and ‘ Une ma­chine à laver’ (‘A wash­ing ma­chine’); as well as a point in time, ‘ J’ai pub­lié mon premier livre à 26 ans’ (‘I pub­lished my first book at 26’).

Other uses in­clude de­scrib­ing a par­tic­u­lar fea­ture, as in ‘ Chaus­sures à talon haut’ (‘High-heeled shoes’); de­not­ing pos­ses­sion, ‘ C’est à moi’ (‘It’s mine’); and in­di­cat­ing mea­sure­ment, ‘ Le train roulait à 180km/h’ (‘The train was trav­el­ling at 180 kilo­me­tres per hour’).

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