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Bon is usu­ally an ad­jec­tive and can mean good, suit­able, ef­fi­cient etc. Ex­am­ples in­clude: ‘Il a bon coeur’ (‘He is kind-hearted’), and ‘J’ai passé une bonne soirée (‘I had a nice even­ing’). Bien can also be used as an ad­jec­tive, but only with state-of-be­ing verbs such as être. It trans­lates as good, moral or right etc. An ex­am­ple is ‘Ce n’est pas bien de faire ça’, (‘It’s not nice to do that’).

Bien is usu­ally an ad­verb and trans­lates as good; it can also be used to stress some­thing. Ex­am­ples in­clude ‘Mes par­ents vont bien, merci’ (‘My par­ents are well, thank you’) and ‘J’ai bien reçu ton mes­sage’ (‘I did in­deed receive your mes­sage’).

Bon is also used as a noun, and can mean form, voucher, coupon etc. Ex­am­ples in­clude: ‘un bon de com­mande’ (‘or­der form’) and ‘un bon de ré­duc­tion’ (‘coupon’).

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