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châ­taigne (chest­nut), co­ing (quince), figue (fig), fram­boise (rasp­berry), kiwi, noix (wal­nut), poire (pear), pomme (ap­ple), raisin (grapes)


cit­rouille (pump­kin), panais (parsnip), rutabaga (swede), top­inam­bour (Jerusalem ar­ti­choke), roquette, os­eille (sor­rel), échalotte (shal­lot), oignon (onion), fe­nouil (fenel), blette (chard), épinards (spinach) The ex­cep­tion­ally hot sum­mer fol­lowed by heavy rain­fall this year has cre­ated ideal con­di­tions for mushroooms to thrive in cer­tain parts of France. So this au­tumn is the per­fect time to get your bas­ket, gar­den­ing gloves and wellies and go find some tasty champignons. If you’re un­sure if a mush­room is safe to eat ( co­mestible), go to your lo­cal phar­macy to have it checked.

In France, you can find: cèpes rosés des près girolles trompettes de la mort pieds de mou­ton

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