The El­der Scrolls V: Skyrim

An­other Bethesda re-re­lease for switch, And An­other great fit

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It is 2018. You likely al­ready know what you think of Bethesda’s megaselling rpg Skyrim. it’s a game that had a gen­uine bit of cross­over suc­cess, leav­ing a bit of a mark in the over­all pub­lic pop cul­ture space, which is more than most ever man­age. You al­ready know if you’re into it’s end­less fetch quests, func­tion­alat-best com­bat and of­ten hi­lar­i­ous but at times pow­er­fully frus­trat­ing bugs. You’re al­ready aware of the main quest, a fairly by the num­bers ‘cho­sen one’ tale set in against a clas­sic – or generic, if you’re re­ally putting the boot in – fan­tasy back­drop, dun­geons and dragons all present and cor­rect. Skyrim on the switch isn’t go­ing to sur­prise any­one out­side of the mere fact that it ex­ists.

it doesn’t fix any of Skyrim’s prob­lems, but what it does do on nin­tendo’s won­der­ful hand­held hy­brid is ac­cen­tu­ate the stuff that Skyrim does well. it re­ally is a stun­ning place to visit – a world that is there purely for you to head out into a see what you can find. A five minute trek off the beaten path can lead to count­less hours of ad­ven­ture and at no point do you ever find your­self in a po­si­tion where you can’t just hit that sleep but­ton and walk away. change train, be­gin your walk home, fin­ish your lunch break. what­ever. it sounds weird, prais­ing a game on the same sys­tem as Breath Of The Wild or Xenoblade Chron­i­cles 2 for hav­ing a less than en­gag­ing core but sur­pris­ingly – for an rpg hundreds of hours long – to be so pick up and play.

if you’re at home, you can dig into be­ing the ‘drag­onborn’ in the main quest (this ver­sion comes with all the dlc con­tent) or start shap­ing your char­ac­ter with the ver­sa­tile lev­el­ling sys­tem, but if you’re in a po­si­tion where you can’t af­ford to get stuck with some­thing, you can just dive head­first into the near­est cave and see what trea­sures you can find, or start tick­ing off some of the many side quests you’ll have in your log. or even just see what’s over the top of that next hill. it all rolls back into the main game­play loop - ex­plore, im­prove, fin­ish quests and get new stuff to play with, be that a fancy sword or a pow­er­ful spell.

Skyrim may still be some­thing of a flawed clas­sic, but the el­der scrolls games have al­ways been stun­ning worlds to get lost in for a few hours. it’s amaz­ing that Skyrim lends it­self to such bite-sized chunks, and even more in­cred­i­ble that it now fits in your pocket.

Above: Dragon bat­tles are still a high point, try­ing to down them with a skil­ful ar­row shot be­fore you put them to the sword. The ‘epic’ score boom­ing away as you do it re­ally adds to the at­mos­phere!

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