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Some of the in­ter­est­ing new ti­tles to ADD to your watch list

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For­mat: pc | Dev: Campo SANTO | eta: TBC 2019

Set in the 1920s, In The Val­ley Of Gods is very much in the same vein as Campo Santo’s de­but re­lease, Fire­watch, ex­cept in­stead of be­ing a war­den in a for­est you’re an ex­plorer and film­maker at­tempt­ing to un­cover a mys­te­ri­ous se­cret in an­cient Egyp­tian ru­ins. Much like its last game, Campo Santo is cre­at­ing an­other gor­geously ren­dered world here, and given this stu­dio’s pedi­gree we’re ex­cited.

GTFO For­mat: pc | Dev: dis­rup­tive GAMES | eta: TBC 2018

With the de­signer from Pay­day and Pay­day 2 as well as a writer from The Last Of Us, GTFO would be at­ten­tion grab­bing with its staff alone, but the fact that it prom­ises a pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated four-player co-op shooter ex­pe­ri­ence that looks like part Alien and part Left 4 Dead takes things up an­other level. GTFO also has its own Ex­pe­di­tion Direc­tor, throw­ing new chal­lenges and new re­wards at you. It’s in­tense stuff.

WITCHFIRE For­mat: TBC | Dev: the Astro­nauts | eta: TBC 2018

The re­veal of Witchfire was a won­der­ful bait and switch, as it teased some­thing close to its mys­tery game The Van­ish­ing Of Ethan Carter and then turned it on its head with a game more like some of the de­vel­op­ment team’s former projects, like Painkiller and Bul­let­storm. Witchfire is a mon­strous hor­ror shooter that looks ab­so­lutely stun­ning in its world de­sign and at­mos­phere. Think Doom, but through a Gothic fil­ter.

DONUT COUNTY For­mat: ps4, pc, ios | Dev: BEN Es­pos­ito | eta: TBC 2017

This game falls pretty firmly un­der the um­brella of ‘things games™ was bound to fall in love with’, with its nods to Kata­mari game­play and seem­ingly know­ing sense of hu­mour. What you do in this game is move a hole around to swal­low ob­jects on the ground and the more you gob­ble up, the big­ger the hole gets. Sim­ple and ef­fec­tive stuff when com­bined with puz­zles and ob­jec­tives. And it’s pretty cute too.


For­mat: ps4, pc | Dev: Sir­lin GAMES | eta: TBC 2018

Aim­ing to sim­plify fighters while also re­tain­ing enough depth for it to ex­ist on the com­pet­i­tive scene, Sir­lin Games has set it­self a tough task for Fan­tasy Strike. Smart game­play choices, like mak­ing throw coun­ters au­to­matic if you don’t touch the con­trols and mak­ing su­pers a sin­gle but­ton press, means the ac­tion should be ac­ces­si­ble to any­one. It may be too sim­ple for hard­core fight­ing fans, but we’re in­trigued.

MOTHER GUNSHIP For­mat: ps4, XBOX ONE, pc | eta: TBC 2018 Dev: ter­ri­ble posture GAMES, grip dig­i­tal

Mother­gun­ship’s most in­ter­est­ing sell­ing point is a gun­craft­ing me­chanic that lets you make some truly in­sane ar­ma­ments, like a gun with bar­rels that sur­round your field of view and fire in uni­son. The ships you board and at­tack are pro­ce­du­rally made so the chal­lenge will al­ways be new, and the gun you need to fin­ish the job can be just as vari­able.

THE CHURCH IN THE DARK­NESS For­mat: ps4, XBOX ONE, pc | eta: TBC 2018 Dev: para­noid pro­duc­tions

Of­fer­ing a stealth, in­fil­tra­tion ex­pe­ri­ence that harkens back to clas­sic Metal Gear, you play The Church In The Dark­ness as a former law-en­force­ment of­fi­cer try­ing to check on the safety of your nephew who you fear has been taken in by a re­li­gious cult in South Amer­ica. Lethal and non-lethal ap­proaches are pos­si­ble, so it’s re­ally all up to you.

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