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We chat With cos­player So­phie Bol­ger to get some tips

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What was it that first got you into cosplay? I’d known about cosplay since I was a teenager, but back then didn’t have the con­fi­dence to get in­volved with it. Then back in 2013 I de­cided last minute to go up for the day to Lon­don MCM and the mo­ment I saw ev­ery­one go­ing round in these amaz­ing cos­tumes I new I wanted to be a part of it all.

What was your first cos­tume?

My first cos­tume was Poi­son from Fi­nal Fight. It was all put to­gether the day be­fore, as I had de­cided last minute that I was go­ing to cosplay.

What’s the most com­plex cosplay you’ve put to­gether?

My most com­plex would def­i­nitely have to be my own spin on Fran from Fi­nal Fan­tasy XII. I had never made ar­mour be­fore and it was a real chal­lenge try­ing to fig­ure out how to even be­gin putting it to­gether. Es­pe­cially the hel­met, as it had to sup­port two heavy rab­bit ears.

What would you say you need to look out for with a be­gin­ner cosplay idea?

A good way to start is to just do your re­search and ac­knowl­edge the skills that you have and the ones that you need to gain if you’re plan­ning to make your own. Watch Youtube tu­to­ri­als, read up on cosplay blogs and most im­por­tantly plan it all out be­fore you be­gin. If you don’t feel con­fi­dent enough, or don’t have the time or money to make one your­self there is noth­ing wrong with buy­ing a cos­tume on­line. Cosplay is for ev­ery­one and is first and fore­most for fun.

Are there things that some cos­play­ers tend to ig­nore or forget that can re­ally make a cos­tume pop?

The lit­tle de­tails. It’s the one thing that can make a good cosplay a great cosplay. It could be makeup, a wig or just some small de­tails on a cos­tume, but all those small de­tails re­ally do help to bring a cosplay to­gether.

How im­por­tant do you think it is to have a con­nec­tion to the char­ac­ter you’re por­tray­ing?

I per­son­ally feel it’s im­por­tant to have a con­nec­tion to the char­ac­ter, but that’s be­cause it’s why I cosplay. I cosplay char­ac­ters that I love and want to bring to life for my­self, but that’s not to say it’s wrong for some­one to cosplay a char­ac­ter be­cause they look like that char­ac­ter or be­cause they’ve been asked to. Some peo­ple like to act out as the char­ac­ter, some just like to dress up, some be­cause they just en­joy mak­ing things and oth­ers just be­cause they love that char­ac­ter. I have a fel­low cos­player, Jack Strong, who I al­ways go to events with. He also gives me a hand mak­ing my cos­plays, and I make his wigs. He cos­plays as Cloud Strife be­cause he both looks like him and feels a con­nec­tion with the char­ac­ter.

Are there any good sites or so­cial me­dia groups you would rec­om­mend peo­ple check out?

On Face­book there’s the MCM Expo group, which is filled with al­most ev­ery­one that goes to the comic con events with a big cosplay com­mu­nity on there. Though I would say if any­one was in­ter­ested in see­ing what it’s all about the best way would be just to go for a day to Lon­don MCM. It’s by far the best way to see first-hand what cosplay is all about. I’ve met so many amaz­ing peo­ple at comic cons and it’s what re­ally helped me to get in­volved with it all.

Never un­der­es­ti­mate the power of a good wig to help a cos­tume re­ally go up a level. The ar­mour de­tail­ing on this FFXII Fran is also very im­pres­sive.

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