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We spoke to Street Fighter Cap­com Pro Tour and Evo com­men­ta­tor and an­a­lyst Femi ‘F-word’ Ade­boye about how learn­ing even the ba­sics of frame data will make you a bet­ter player and, at the very least, have a greater un­der­stand­ing as to how fight­ing games work.

“It’s ba­sic math­e­mat­ics. Frame data is awe­some to learn, study and ap­ply be­cause it tells you what op­tions you have and just as im­por­tantly, it tells you what op­tions your op­po­nent has against you. Now it’s all well and good go­ing into a fight blind but ask your­self some­thing: if this was a real fight and you can ap­ply this kind data to your op­po­nent’s ev­ery move, would you still pre­fer to go in blind? I highly doubt it.”

“Now, you re­alise that the right hook this mad man’s been bust­ing your head in with all night is ex­tremely pun­ish­able af­ter you block it? Get him out of here! That’s frame data! You can then get deeper with frame data. Pun­ishes and op­tions are the very ba­sic level. I think a be­gin­ner should start with these and grow from there.”

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