Justin Hick­man of­fers his de­scrip­tion of the dif­fer­ent kinds of game hoard­ers out there

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The Spec­u­la­tors

“these are the peo­ple ei­ther buy­ing to sell at a profit or buy­ing to stock­pile in stor­age, cross­ing their fin­gers hop­ing it be­comes a nice lit­tle nest egg – which usu­ally it doesn’t (and then comes the panic sell!).”

Nos­tal­gic col­lec­tors

“peo­ple fu­elled by nos­tal­gia to re-live and ex­pe­ri­ence games they re­mem­ber fondly from yes­ter­year. con­di­tion and boxes usu­ally not im­por­tant

(at least ini­tially). they then ei­ther fall down the rab­bit hole (hello!) or have their fun, sell up and move on.”

The elite/sta­tus col­lec­tors

“they go for com­plete sets, su­per-rare and ex­pen­sive games usu­ally cib [com­plete in box].”

The preser­va­tion­ist

“peo­ple who love the medium and try to do their part in pre­serv­ing the phys­i­cal soft­ware and hardware that could get lost to his­tory.”

The IN­STANT col­lec­tors

“these are the guys who by­pass the thrill of the hunt and en­joy­ment of watch­ing their collection steadily grow while on a man­age­able bud­get and go straight for the gold. net­ting full col­lec­tions in months and ei­ther pay­ing over the odds or find­ing them­selves in debt, these are the guys who get out of the hobby al­most as quickly as they get in.”

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