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ONE Of THE big­gest sur­prises in the Re­bel­lion story is that of 2000AD. The pur­chase of the leg­endary bri­tish comic book com­pany in 2000 was a bold move, though the game maker has yet to take (in the eyes of many) full ad­van­tage of the li­cences. so, what’s the deal?

“The real rea­son we haven’t made very many 2000AD games is just be­cause we are so busy, with our ex­ist­ing fran­chises that are suc­cess­ful. We are an in­de­pen­dent stu­dio that owns 2000AD, we don’t want to just be those guys mak­ing 2000AD games.

“The idea was that 2000AD had to stand on its own two feet. It’s its own busi­ness, and it has its own man­age­ment and its ed­i­to­rial over­sight; it has to make money as a stand­alone part of the busi­ness. If there is a cross­over, bril­liant; but if there isn’t, it doesn’t mat­ter. It’s a con­stant source of con­fu­sion as to why we haven’t done a dozen Judge Dredd games and the an­swer is be­cause we haven’t had the time, the space, or the re­sources,” says Ja­son Kings­ley, who has proven time and time again that the stu­dio would rather the li­cences stay on ice if they aren’t go­ing to be used prop­erly.

In a sense though, it’s funny. The rea­son Re­bel­lion even showed any in­ter­est in 2000AD came about by com­plete ac­ci­dent. The com­pany wasn’t look­ing to be sold, and Re­bel­lion wasn’t look­ing to buy it – Kings­ley, ini­tially, just wanted to li­cense a char­ac­ter. “The whole thing was mad­ness and hubris,” he laughs, stick­ing by the out­landish busi­ness de­ci­sion. “It started out with me want­ing to li­cense a char­ac­ter, stron­tium Dog, and I was re­jected… I just thought that was re­ally weird and started look­ing into why.”

That game never ma­te­ri­alised. but that isn’t to say it never will, and that goes for all of the char­ac­ters and worlds 2000AD holds – there are go­ing to be games com­ing in the near fu­ture, they just won’t nec­es­sar­ily be de­vel­oped by Re­bel­lion di­rectly. “We are do­ing some work with third par­ties on 2000AD, which is very ex­cit­ing. We’ve opened up the li­brary to third par­ties to pitch to us and there are more than a hand­ful of those ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing now – though they haven’t been an­nounced. It’ll be ex­cit­ing to see what they are all able to do though!”

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