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What is Path­way? It’s an all-new strat­egy game from Rob­o­tal­ity, the team be­hind 2014’s well-re­ceived TBS Halfway. What sets this apart, how­ever, is its dy­namic cam­paign, tight turn-based squad com­bat, stun­ning 16 bit-in­spired vi­su­als brought to life with pixel/voxel hy­brid tech, and a well of se­crets to un­cover.

What’s this about a dy­namic cam­paign?

Ah, we hooked you in! Each time you be­gin a new cam­paign in Path­way it will pro­ce­du­rally-gen­er­ate a new map for you to ex­plore and play, in­tro­duc­ing unique story en­coun­ters and twist­ing nar­ra­tive path­ways (see what they did there) for you to en­joy. It means no two ad­ven­tures should ever be the same.

The maps and story won’t be de­tailed then?

Au con­traire. Not only are we hugely im­pressed by the com­plex­ity of the maps, but Rob­o­tal­ity prom­ise that each des­ti­na­tion on the cam­paign will have brushes of hand-crafted con­tent in­side to en­sure the qual­ity re­mains high.

How’s the com­bat?

It’s fairly fa­mil­iar turn-based strat­egy, but it han­dles well. Fights are de­cided by how well you utilise cover and your var­i­ous team­mates against ever-es­ca­lat­ing threats on the bat­tle­field.

Okay, so when is it com­ing out?

De­spite be­ing in de­vel­op­ment since 2016, Path­way still has no con­firmed re­lease date – though we have been told to ex­pect it to launch for PC in 2018.

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