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03 Once again we are met with a Lara Croft who is young, grow­ing as a hu­man and learn­ing what it means to take on the man­tle of the raider of tombs. She has changed since the ear­lier games, of course: a more confident and com­fort­able woman while on her ad­ven­tures and in com­bat – cer­tainly not a ‘cor­nered an­i­mal’ here – and it’s been nice to see her de­velop into the char­ac­ter we were all in­tro­duced to back in the Nineties. Hope­fully this will be it, though, as we’re not sure how many more lessons Lara can learn about how, ac­tu­ally, it’s okay to make mis­takes some­times. Some­thing tells us Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will take our hero­ine on a much darker path this time around, though.

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