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12 The ‘sur­vivor’ Tomb Raider games have all had an air of dark­ness through­out them – personal suf­fer­ing, po­ten­tial catas­tro­phe, the loss of loved ones (and many oth­ers) – but it feels at first play like Shadow Of The Tomb Raider might be look­ing to ramp that ele­ment up a fair bit. The personal suf­fer­ing Lara goes through in the open­ing hours of the game is one thing, but what she – and you as the player – wit­nesses along the way takes things into a whole new world of dark. The hero’s jour­ney is a well-trod­den path, but it looks like Shadow may well have stum­bled off it and into a ditch some­where, leav­ing Lara to make her own way through her own trou­bles and with her own demons.

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