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15 What Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is pre­sent­ing in its early look isn’t some­thing any­body is go­ing to be sur­prised with: there’s a for­mula, it’s be­ing stuck to by the new dev team be­hind the game at Ei­dos Mon­tréal and the end prod­uct will in all like­li­hood be good fun. But there’s the ques­tion of what’s hap­pened in the mean­time. Tomb Raider re­leased in 2013. Rise in 2015. There’s been a lot over those years – The Last Of Us, Un­charted 4, the sub­lime God Of War and other non-sony ti­tles too – and it’s go­ing to take a hell of an ef­fort from

Lara to make some­thing that can stand shoul­der-to-shoul­der with the ab­so­lute best of the genre. Can Shadow? Of course. Will Shadow? That’s for us all to find out.

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