Gris brings gen­uine artis­tic prow­ess to the plat­former

style, sub­stance and a whole lot more in-be­tween

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For­mat: Switch, Pc | Pub­lisher: De­volver Dig­i­tal De­vel­oper: No­mada Stu­dio | re­lease: Dec 2018 | Play­ers: 1

As tal­ented as the world of game de­vel­op­ers most cer­tainly is, we can’t think of many who have seen their art dis­played in mu­se­ums across the world, but that’s some­thing No­mada Stu­dio can boast thanks to its cre­ative di­rec­tor Con­rad Roset. Ap­par­ently his in­tro­duc­tion to the world of game-mak­ing was a chance meet­ing with his stu­dio co-founders Adrián Cuevas and Roger Men­doza in Barcelona that turned to a dis­cus­sion of trans­lat­ing his sig­na­ture, ele­gant and of­ten wa­ter­colour-in­fused style into a videogame. The end re­sult of that conversation some three years later is Gris.

The game it­self is a clas­sic plat­former in many ways, draw­ing on the el­e­gance of Roset’s art while also pulling from the likes of Jour­ney and per­haps to some ex­tent Limbo to give the game a sense of flow, place and mys­tery. The No­mada team isn’t giv­ing too much away about its lead char­ac­ter beyond say­ing she’s get­ting over some things, so we’re left to in­ter­pret what’s hap­pen­ing from the dis­jointed and dreamy world around her. The bot­tom line though is this is an ab­so­lutely gor­geously an­i­mated and de­signed world that we ab­so­lutely have to see more of in the com­ing weeks be­fore launch.

cloak ac­tion

one of Gris’ big­gest nods to Jour­ney is the cloak worn by its lead char­ac­ter, which billows and pul­sates in a very sim­i­lar fash­ion to that seen in thatgame­com­pany’s great re­lease. since the char­ac­ter can some­times be quite small on screen, the cloak is the ex­pres­sive part of her pres­ence, giv­ing you a great sense of the en­vi­ron­ment she’s in and what she’s ex­pe­ri­enc­ing at any given time.

ebb AND flow

we of­ten say that still im­ages of a game don’t do it jus­tice, but ac­tu­ally the flu­id­ity and move­ment of Gris is rather nicely cap­tured by th­ese stills, per­haps be­cause the move­ment and an­i­ma­tion it­self is based on the still art of its cre­ative di­rec­tor. it’s all embellishing that base de­sign, but suf­fice to say, the world feels like it’s in­hal­ing and ex­hal­ing with each move­ment and change to the level.

easy lis­ten­ing

while there’s cer­tainly an el­e­ment of puz­zle plat­form­ing in­volved in what we’ve seen of Gris thus far and that may be­come more com­plex deeper into the story, the over­all feel of the game is quite leisurely, al­low­ing you to take in the game world and ap­pre­ci­ate ev­ery cor­ner of it. the score we’ve heard so far, build­ing on the ethe­real vi­su­als with a sim­i­larly airy sound­scape, com­ple­ments this very nicely.


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