The Per­sis­tence

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Hor­ror has al­ready proven that it’s per­fect for the VR medium and it’s never been more ap­par­ent than when you’re walk­ing through the ev­er­chang­ing rooms of The Per­sis­tence. Walk those halls you must, though, as it’s your job as Zimri eder to get the doomed space­ship the Per­sis­tence back online, a task that would be much eas­ier to un­der­take if you hadn’t just been killed. Luck­ily for you, the Per­sis­tence ship is equipped with the lat­est clone tech­nol­ogy and its en­gi­neer, ser­ena Karim, has cloned you. It’s an in­ter­est­ing con­cept and ties in bril­liantly to the core rogue­like me­chan­ics that form the heart of fire­sprite’s game. there are times when Zimri is just as frus­trated as you are, let­ting out ex­ple­tives or hav­ing to be re­as­sured by ser­ena after dy­ing for the umpteenth time.

for the most part though those deaths are your own fault, for like the best rouge­likes it’s typ­i­cally your own greed that’s just as much your down­fall as the twisted clones that prowl the ship’s four decks. you’ll con­stantly push your luck, though, as in ad­di­tion to those deadly hid­den mon­sters, ev­ery room and walk­way con­tains nu­mer­ous ex­tra items that can be picked up and used to en­sure you live that lit­tle bit longer, with three currencies found at the heart of fire­sprite’s ad­ven­ture: stem cells, fab chips and erebus to­kens. nu­mer­ous fab­ri­ca­tors are found through­out the ship, which will gen­er­ate all sorts of use­ful items and weaponry – pro­vid­ing of course that you have the cor­rect cur­rency for them – and you can also use lim­ited tele­port­ing and the height­ened senses found in your suit to fur­ther stay ahead of your en­e­mies. When death comes you lose all your hard-earned items but keep all your cur­rency, al­low­ing you to then up­grade your clone’s body and buy nu­mer­ous skills that af­fect ev­ery­thing from your suit’s stealth power, to the range of the base Har­vester weapon that you use to ex­tract the stem cells of your un­for­tu­nate ship­mates. ex­plore deep enough and you’ll even find other crew mem­bers that Zimri can be trans­planted into in or­der to stand a bet­ter chance of achiev­ing her core ob­jec­tives.

ev­ery death also re­sets the lay­out of the ship, mean­ing no two games are ever the same. While it can be a slog to re­visit those early stages, a use­ful key can be found in sup­ply crates that let you in­stantly jump to later lev­els. fire­sprite’s game de­sign shifts as much as its decks do and you’ll find the later hours of The Per­sis­tence be­com­ing as much an fps as it is an out­right hor­ror game. It’s in­cred­i­bly sat­is­fy­ing when you’re (rel­a­tively) tooled up and can un­leash fury on the en­e­mies you were ac­tively avoid­ing a few lives ear­lier.

ex­cep­tion­ally at­mo­spheric and with an ac­com­plished control sys­tem that will suit all lev­els of Vr users, The Per­sis­tence re­ally is some­thing spe­cial. It will oc­ca­sion­ally spit out im­pos­si­bly un­fair com­bi­na­tions and does take a while to grow on you, but when it does The Per­sis­tence digs deep and doesn’t let go.

8/10 VER­DICT a clever Genre mix AND es­sen­tial vr ex­pe­ri­ence

Mas­ter­ing your shield is es­sen­tial if you want to make progress. A good de­flec­tion will ex­pose an en­emy, al­low­ing you to har­vest them. Be aware that some of the foes you face are a lot stronger than oth­ers… Be­low: They might be pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated, but the rooms of The Per­sis­tence still feel or­ganic as you’re nav­i­gat­ing them.

res­i­dent evil vii

here they lie

Be­low: En­e­mies come in all shapes and forms, and this one is par­tic­u­larly danger­ous, so keep well away.

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