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So much to do, so much time to do it Fill­ing up your time in an open world is so im­por­tant and Rock­star has been pretty good about giv­ing you things to en­ter­tain your­self with be­tween mis­sions in the past, but per­haps not as well as oth­ers have done since its last big re­lease. Red Dead Re­demp­tion II seems to be chocked full of busy work, but thank­fully it seems to have learned the lessons of Ro­man con­stantly call­ing you to spend time bowl­ing or play­ing darts, as th­ese won’t be es­sen­tial chores, just in­ter­est­ing ones.

Man­ag­ing your camp with the rest of the gang looks like the big­gest side-oc­cu­pa­tion, as you can do jobs around the camp­site, hunt and fish for food or gen­er­ally in­ter­act with your group by play­ing games of cards or other hob­bies. This is also likely where you’ll be able to tend to your horses, build­ing up your bond with them by brush­ing and feed­ing them. Work­ing on that bond will mean they be­have gen­er­ally bet­ter un­der pres­sure later, so it should be time well spent.

And out in the world you’ll be able to sell off your hunt­ing kills for cash rather than tak­ing them back to camp if you want to, at­tend sa­loons and the en­ter­tain­ments they pro­vide, and much more. It’s all very promis­ing.

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