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Fa­tal Fury marked a big change of di­rec­tion for SNK, as it was the first of sev­eral fight­ing fran­chises that the com­pany would go on to cre­ate and pub­lish. Cre­ated by takashi Nishiyama, who made the orig­i­nal Street Fighter, it was in­tended as a spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor, and as a re­sult shares nu­mer­ous sim­i­lar­i­ties with Cap­com’s brawler. due to the Neo-geo’s four-but­ton lay­out, there are fewer op­tions, with at­tacks fo­cus­ing around punches, kicks and throws. one unique as­pect is that fights take place across two rows, with the player able to jump be­tween them as fights progress. Nishiyama’s game would go on to spawn sev­eral se­quels, and also launch The King Of Fight­ers, which would go on to be­come just as pop­u­lar.

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