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this snk-pub­lished sports game is ef­fec­tively an up­dated ver­sion of Pong. the game is played across six dif­fer­ent courts and gives you a set amount of time to score as many points as pos­si­ble, ideally by hit­ting spe­cific tar­geted zones in the goal. Points are also scored if your op­po­nent fails to catch an in­com­ing disk, mean­ing you’ll want to con­stantly jug­gle your shots to out­fox them. While only two fire but­tons are used, Wind­jam­mers is sur­pris­ingly com­plex, with the player able to pull off a va­ri­ety of moves, in­clud­ing de­vi­ous curve throws. While the com­puter puts up a good fight, Wind­jam­mers re­ally comes into its own with a sec­ond player.

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