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Jade went through a few sub­tle re­designs to her look from the game’s first re­veal to re­lease. The fi­nal and most sig­nif­i­cant made her look much more grown-up than her orig­i­nal de­sign, so that she looked more like a sea­soned pro­fes­sional.

Beyond Good & Evil re­leased in the same month as Ubisoft’s other mas­sive re­lease of the year, Prince Of Per­sia: The Sands Of Time, which proved to be far more com­mer­cially suc­cess­ful.

It’s been sug­gested that Michel An­cel’s wife was the pri­mary in­spi­ra­tion for the per­son­al­ity of Jade, help­ing to make her more ap­proach­able and be­liev­able.

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