eight Best uses of pho­tog­ra­phy as a Game me­chanic

The TI­TLES THAT MAN­AGED To TURN look­ing DOWN A VIR­TUAL lens INTO Some­thing re­ally FUN

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poké­mon snap

Tak­ing the on-rails shooter and turn­ing it into a sa­fari-style ex­plo­ration of Poké­mon Is­land, aim­ing to cap­ture as many qual­ity pic­tures of Poké­mon for Pro­fes­sor oak as you can, has to be one of the more in­ge­nious twists on genre con­ven­tion we can think of. There’s a rea­son why we keep clam­our­ing for The Poké­mon Com­pany to take an­other crack at this con­cept, be­cause it was just so much fun.

project Zero

An­other great con­cept and piece of ex­e­cu­tion as you use a cam­era to cap­ture ghosts be­fore they can in­jure you. All you have to do is keep them in the viewfinder for as long as pos­si­ble. of course given that this is a sur­vival hor­ror, stay­ing in control of your feel­ings and re­main­ing calm enough to achieve this is the real chal­lenge. The lack of de­fence or sep­a­ra­tion from the ap­pari­tions re­ally helps to beef up the ten­sion.

Beyond Good & evil

As a pro­fes­sional pho­to­jour­nal­ist, doc­u­ment­ing the world around her is what Jade is all about, but the way in which it’s in­te­grated into the game not only as a mo­ti­va­tion for her jour­ney, but also a handy me­chanic and side quest is ex­cel­lent. Tak­ing snaps of the wildlife around you earns you cred­its that can be spent on all-im­por­tant up­grades the deeper into the game you go.

Grand theft auto v

rock­star’s gi­gan­tic sand­box worlds are of­ten dark re­flec­tions of our own, and that means they of­ten re­flect our own ex­pe­ri­ences with the tech­nol­ogy you have at your dis­posal. What we love about Snap­matic, the in-game photo-shar­ing app, is that it took on its own meta use as a way of chron­i­cling in­sane mo­ments of de­struc­tion and may­hem with a cheeky selfie. Some of the snaps are re­ally quite amaz­ing.

Fi­nal Fan­tasy Xv

Pho­tog­ra­phy takes two in­ter­est­ing forms in FFXV. The first is the abil­ity to take shots when you like and save them, watch­ing the way things play out around you and cap­tur­ing what­ever catches your eye. The other side of this is when­ever you have Prompto in your squad he’ll take pho­tos as his leisure skill that you can look through later if you like. And they’re of­ten pretty good shots too.

dead ris­ing

An­other pho­to­jour­nal­ist who finds them­selves in the heart of a mas­sive con­spir­acy. frank West has a lit­tle more fun with his pic-hunt­ing in Dead Ris­ing thanks to a rat­ing sys­tem that in­stantly judges the qual­ity of what he’s cap­tured. more in­tense shots earn bet­ter re­wards to be spent on new tools down the line and some of them can be pretty strange. Since when are zom­bies ever erotic? only in Dead Ris­ing, we hope.

life is strange

Pho­tos act as one of Life Is Strange’s main col­lectibles through the ex­pe­ri­ence as max walks around with a Po­laroid cam­era at the ready to snap any­thing that grabs her in­ter­est. Th­ese are trig­gered events, how­ever, rather than free-form snaps, but it in­vites ad­di­tional ex­plo­ration and in­ter­est in the world around you, which is re­ally the point. Life Is Strange uses this col­lectable as an ex­cuse to pay more at­ten­tion to the game world.

tloz: Breath of the wild

The Picto Box in Wind Waker pre­dates Breath Of The Wild as an ex­am­ple of pho­tog­ra­phy in a Zelda game, but we pre­fer the more in­te­grated and fully fea­tured ex­pe­ri­ence of us­ing the Sheikah Slate in link’s lat­est ad­ven­ture. Cap­tur­ing ex­am­ples of all of the weapons, crea­tures and en­e­mies in the game be­came quite dis­tract­ing, and tak­ing self­ies in front of at­tack­ing guardian Stalk­ers never got old.

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