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Given the open and or­ganic de­sign of Sable, not to men­tion the fact that a core team of just two is re­spon­si­ble for much of what you see, you might be won­der­ing just how much of your time the game is likely to con­sume. The stu­dio’s lead de­signer and artist Gre­go­rios Kythreo­tis ad­mits that it is dif­fi­cult to pin­point, al­though he hopes some­thing like The Leg­end Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild will ul­ti­mately prove to be a good ref­er­ence point. “Once you get off of the Great Plateau, the first mis­sion that you get is to go off and de­stroy Ganon. You can do that in the first few hours if you want to, but you can also just spend 200 hours ex­plor­ing the world,” he says, al­though he is quick to as­sert that the com­par­i­son is tan­gen­tial at best. “The point is, we al­ways want play­ers to en­gage with the story with­out di­rectly fol­low­ing it…”

It feels as if Sable has been built to al­low this, al­though lead pro­gram­mer Daniel Fineberg is quick to ad­mit that the size of the game will largely come down to how much time the pair can in­vest into it be­fore they de­cide to re­lease. “It re­ally does de­pend on how much con­tent we are able to build. If we man­age to cre­ate ten sto­ries, that might take you ten hours. If we cre­ate 20 sto­ries then it will be longer, but we don’t re­ally know,” he says, laugh­ing. “We can be quite flex­i­ble. We don’t have all of these im­por­tant story beats that we need to hit. You know, we have a list of ideas and we will make as many as we have time for.”

“That’s what makes this vi­able for two peo­ple,” adds Kythreo­tis, also with a smile. “Be­sides, do­ing it this way means we can keep all the good sto­ries in and cut out all of the bad ones.”

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