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When Elite first re­vealed Scooby-doo in mag­a­zines it promised to be an epic-look­ing game with stun­ning Dragon’s Lair-styled vi­su­als. the game was sim­ply too am­bi­tious, how­ever, and the hum­ble spec­trum didn’t have the mem­ory re­quired to store the huge num­ber of an­i­ma­tions that would be needed to power such a graph­ics-hun­gry game.

After the project fell apart Elite con­tracted Gar­goyle Games, who de­liv­ered a fun, but rather con­ven­tional plat­former that saw scooby run­ning around a haunted cas­tle in search of his miss­ing friends. It still looks great, with lovely vi­su­als and ex­pres­sive an­i­ma­tion, but we’ll al­ways won­der about what could have been.

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