When is A gun not A gun?

when it’s a shape-shift­ing standin for ex­cal­ibur, of course

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The ser­vice Weapon in Con­trol is just one of the many strange and moder­ately dis­turb­ing el­e­ments of rem­edy’s lat­est game, but it’s also one of its most ex­cit­ing. not only does the weapon shift and up­grade through the course of the game, un­lock­ing new fir­ing modes, it also car­ries with it some mytho­log­i­cal im­por­tance. “We went back and looked at leg­ends such as The sword and The stone, where only the true king can ac­tu­ally pull out the sword in the stone,” says game di­rec­tor Mikael ka­suri­nen. “so in­stead of hav­ing this feel­ing where you are this clas­sic hero who moves through the world and col­lects this arse­nal of ‘now i have a kalash­nikov and, oh, now i have an MP5’, it just didn’t feel right in Con­trol. What we worked on was to es­tab­lish a very sym­bolic and iconic weapon that feels like it has a story that goes be­yond Jesse. it’s part of the story of the Bu­reau it­self, and even be­yond that.”

so, hav­ing claimed the weapon, Jesse is not only now em­pow­ered enough to take on the threat of the Hiss, she is also the de­facto head of the Fed­eral Bu­reau of Con­trol. Thus far we’ve seen it in its Grip and shat­ter con­fig­u­ra­tions, act­ing as a clas­sic pis­tol and shot­gun re­spect­fully, but there’s more to it than that. The ser­vice Weapon’s ex­act lin­eage is some­thing rem­edy is happy for us to pon­der on our own for the time be­ing. “Hav­ing that idea for the weapon was crit­i­cal so that it has this sense of won­der­ing at­tached to it; you’ll won­der what else could it be,” says ka­suri­nen. “it has this feel­ing of op­por­tu­nity to it. Cre­at­ing this in­ter­est­ing, shift­ing vis­ual look to it was re­ally im­por­tant too. it looks mys­ti­cal and weird, and it takes dif­fer­ent kinds of shapes. it does very dif­fer­ent things game­play-wise. We’ve only shown two of those forms so far, but it can go way be­yond that, and it’s only go­ing to get way more in­ter­est­ing.”

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