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Key Dif­fer­ences

The big dif­fer­ences be­tween Skyrim on Switch and ev­ery other ver­sion comes in the use of mo­tion con­trols. Yes, the ver­sion on PS4 does sup­port PSVR, but Switch’s Joy­cons make for a far more pre­cise ex­pe­ri­ence, es­pe­cially when in com­bat. Add to that some Switch-ex­clu­sive items (like Link’s tu­nic, sword and shield from Breath Of The Wild) and you’ve got an im­pres­sive al­ter­na­tive to ev­ery other con­sole port.

Bet­ter ON Switch?

Of course, there’s no deny­ing Switch’s hard­ware can’t hold a torch to the un­bound power of a PC or ac­cess the end­less mods that have kept the Skyrim com­mu­nity alive since its launch in 2011. But even with­out these fac­tors to its name, Skyrim on Switch is still an in­trin­si­cally com­plete ex­pe­ri­ence. From as­cend­ing the Throat of the World to bat­tling Daedric beasts on the shores of Sol­s­theim, noth­ing can com­pare to ex­plor­ing Tam­riel’s frosti­est re­gion in the glory of hand­held mode.

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